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    Pharoahs-Ants_borderA Pharaoh Ants treatment cannot be carried out with insecticidal sprays as this causes the infestation to spread further.

    How do we treat Pharaoh Ants Infestations?

    Effective Pharaoh Ants treatment is carried out by placing edible Baits  where the foraging Ants find them and carry back to the nest where they are consumed.

    There are various forms of bait however all are contained somehow and of no disruption to your life or business.

    Pharaoh Ants have a lifespan of 12-14 weeks with the queens living slightly longer.

    The Baits work by sterilising the Queens who then can’t produce more Ants. The colony is extinguished after about 15 weeks.

    A Pharaoh Ants treatment  starts by finding the scent trails Ants are foraging along and bait them. Weekly visits are then carried out to replace empty baits or renew to ensure fresh and generally make sure we remain on track.

    Pharaoh Ant colonies always live indoors in UK as they are Tropical pests who can’t survive our temperate climate. Nests are hidden away in warm areas, often underfloor or in cavities.

    Each nest has multiple Queens and as the nest grows, Individual Queens take a few Workers and start other nests nearby, a process known as ‘Budding’.

    This means that an Ant infestation can quickly spread throughout a building or block meaning a wide-ranging treatment is needed.

    They prefer a high protein diet including dead insects, grease, meat residues etc and can be a particular nuisance in hospitals. They are not known to be a disease carrier.

    Conventional insecticidal sprays or Aerosols will not be able to reach the nest itself, only the foraging Workers that perceive the insecticide as a threat. This accelerates the budding process as Workers remove eggs and queens to safety elsewhere.

    If you think you have Pharaoh ants infestation, why not call us to discuss further and arrange a no-obligation survey?