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  • Professional Fly Infestation Control for Surrey


    A Fly infestation needs to be cleared mainly because of the risk of bacteria transfer from carrion, faeces and putrid material to our  food and food surfaces.

    There are many ways to control a fly infestation, some of which are dependent upon the species however generally:

    Pesticides – Aerosols, Insecticidal fogs and sprays, lacquers etc. All designed to kill insects upon contact. some have a residual effect, lasting for days or weeks after treatment, others don’t leave a residue at all. This means we can choose from a range of products to treat your particular issue quickly and effectively.

    Exclusion – Can be as simple as keeping doors and windows shut, however this is not always practical so we can Fit insect screens to windows and doors, air-blowers, blocking holes in building fabric, covers over drains/bins etc. Keeping internal doors shut

    Destruction – Electric Fly-killers, sticky board and electric grid of all shapes and sizes. Different types of insect traps, perhaps sticky or containing water or fruit based liquid attractants.

    Cleaning – Often the key to getting rid of fly infestations – clean out drains, bins, behind/under units etc to remove fly breeding sites and get rid of food sources.

    Treatment methods can vary greatly from cleaning up to finding and removing breeding sites, stopping them coming indoors as well as pesticides in various formulations.

    Our no-obligation site survey will identify the best solution(s) for long term control as well as the here and now riddance.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you six days a week and remember, early evening visits at no extra charge!

    There are several thousand different species of flying insects in the UK alone, however only a relative few are classed as pests, the most common urban species including:

    • Adult, Pupae, Larvae and eggs pictured above
    • Also known as Bluebottles. Metallic blue or green abdomen
    Lesser Housefly
    • Smaller than the Housefly. Commonly seen flying zig-zag patterns in the middle of a room
    Fruit Fly
    • 2mm fly with red eyes. Often seen flying around waste bins, above pub Bars, food display counters etc. Lives on rotten fruit and veg, spilt juices, beer etc. A thorough clean-up is nearly always needed  to get rid of these.
    Cluster Fly
    • Spends Spring & Summer outdoors. Overwinters indoors, often in roof spaces, ceiling voids etc. Nuisance when emerge in large numbers often around windows especially when they emerge in Spring. Quite often, specific buildings will have repeat problems year on year.
    Sewer Fly
    • 2mm, grey hairy wings. Found around wet waste bins, dirty drains etc. Cleaning needs to be part of any treatment.
    Scuttle Flies
    • 2mm long, dark coloured, found scuttling along surfaces around drains, wet waste bins. Again, cleaning needed to resolve properly.
    • Adult male feeds off nectar, female feeds off blood. Need stagnant water to breed – ponds, water butts, water tanks, marshes, ditches.