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    Finding Cockroaches in your home, commercial kitchen or elsewhere is never going to be a good thing, but can be dealt with.

    The actual cockroach control, i.e. killing them, is only part of the solution – we want to minimise risk of their return.

    This could include advice on proofing or repairs to the building fabric, look at incoming stock or perhaps a deep clean to get rid of grease and food debris that cockroaches feed upon.

    Cockroach Control Methods

    German cockroach
    Cockroaches are nocturnal so unless a visual inspection is carried out at night, their full extent can often be hard to evaluate initially.

    Placing non-toxic sticky traps around the affected area catches cockroaches allowing us to identify hot-spots and treat accordingly.

    The small German Cockroach (around 15mm long) prefers warmer, humid environments so are more common in kitchen and bathroom environments.

    To avoid using spray pesticides where foodstuffs may be present, we spot-treat with an insecticidal gel specifically to where they are harbouring thereby minimising food contamination risks.

    We can also employ insecticidal lacquers to hard surfaces in appropriate areas such as backs of units, wall/floor junctions, doorways etc which can resist washing down and provide longer term cockroach control.

    The much larger common cockroach prefers cooler, more damp areas such as basements and drains. Control off this pest is more often achieved with insecticidal sprays and lacquers, teamed with cleaning.

    Ten Cockroach Facts:

    1. There are around 4,000 species of Cockroach in the World. Only about 40 are considered Pest species
    2. They will eat just about anything if pushed including glue, soap, grease, hair and each other. Bacterial organisms living in their gut provide vitamins needed to complete their diet
    3. Modern Cockroaches have been around for about 200 million years
    4. They can live for a week or more without their head
    5. The American Cockroach has been recorded by the University of California running at speeds of 3.4mph. Scale this up and it’s the equivalent of a Human running at 210 mph
    6. A newborn baby Cockroach (Nymph), only a day or two old,  can run almost as fast as an adult
    7. They can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes…
    8. …And last 4-6 weeks without food…
    9. …but only a week without water
    10. They can flatten their bodies and crawl through a gap thinner than a pound coin.