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    The need for Bedbug control is so often associated with travel, whether abroad or domestic. They can be unwittingly picked up on clothing or luggage during a stay at Point A, then carried directly home or to Point B and so on.

    It can be difficult to identify a Bedbug infestation when they first arrive – Adult Bed Bugs are nocturnal, spending the day hidden away, nymphs are tiny and hard to spot and eggs remain hidden.

    BedBug Biology


    • Life-Cyle-of-the-BedbugEggs hatch into Nymphs (smaller versions of the adult) that mature through five moults to adulthood. Nymphs can’t moult and grow without a blood feed first.
    • Development is heavily dependent on ambient temperature. Below 13 degrees C. all development stops and eggs will not hatch. Prolonged exposure above 36 degrees C. affects their processing of micronutrients and reduces their ability to reproduce and develop, eventually resulting in local extinction.
    • Between this temperature range, eggs hatch out in around 1-3 weeks and nymphs mature to adults in 1-4 months.
    • Assuming she mates at least every 5-6 weeks to maintain her fertility and has adequate food in a warm room the amount of eggs she will lay ranges from 15-25 per week and around 500 throughout her adult life of 10-12 months.

    This means that in a warm house or hotel, a fresh infestation with only a few newly introduced adults can  remain unchanged for the initial week or so, then a sharp increase will occur as eggs hatch, maturing into adults, around 4-6 weeks later.

    Bedbug Control – The treatment Process

    People’s biological reaction to bedbug bites can vary from none to quite nasty  blisters. Also, the skin reaction to a bedbug bite can be delayed by up to two weeks particularly for first time bites.

    Furthermore, bed bug bites look very similar to a wide range of insect bites including mosquito’s, fleas and midges. An unconnected allergic reaction could also appears as raised lumps on the skin.

    In short, the safest way of knowing for sure  you have bedbugs is finding physical evidence in your property – ie, live bedbugs.

    Treatment consists of inspection, not just of the bed but  at  least a 1-2 metre perimeter around it, hot-washing of bedding etc and removal of non-infested items,  (after checking to ensure clear) followed by our treatments.

    These will include insecticidal treatments after thorough, in-depth vacuum cleaning carried out either by ourselves or you.

    We’re available to work six days a week with evening appointments available – Why not call and we’ll talk things through?